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Friday, June 15, 2012

After travelling with the Trollbeads World Tour Collections in 13 countries around the globe for the past 18 months, the grand finale is now approaching.

For a limited period only, customers are being given the chance to buy the beads from all 13 World Tour Collections (from Hong Kong and Australia to Germany and Italy) here in the UK – this is the opportunity to add these special beads to your own bracelet, perhaps as a reminder of your own personal world tour moments past or future, or perhaps simply because you just love the beads!

Over the past year and a half Trollbeads have been exploring 13 different countries by creating 4 unique World Tour beads that represent the history and culture of each destination. Previously these beads have only been available within that country. Now you can get hold of these special beads from any part of the globe right here at John Gowing.

As an extra souvenir don’t forget the silver Big World bead, created to celebrate the finale of the tour, is now also available!

Check out our Trollbeads New Releases page for full details on these exciting new additions!